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Welcome to my plant growing website created to give information on how to grow well-developed and healthy plants.

Back in 2011

Gone are those days when as school going students each one of us had to write a project on any chosen topic which was due to be submitted in November before the end of year final examination resumed. We all did but not every student did well on the field work but only theory part was well done. This led to students obtaining poor results to be recorded on their actual project which was to be submitted in a couple of months to come.

As for me every thing was a real thumbs – up because i was persistent enough and loved what i was doing. My plot was evergreen , attracting and glorious . That is when i knew that the love of agriculture is in my life. This ended up leading to me creating a niche website on https://bestofthegrowingofplants.com


Implementing on new farming strategies

Climate change has finally led to the decline in yield in both commercial and subsistence farming. This is due to the fact that the temperatures are not consumable for some plants, and the decline of water on the surface .

It is of vital importance for people to actually get the basics on preparation before planting and even after planting they must know different watering methods and moisture conservation. A quote by the great Jason lee “You can look genuinely busy but if you don’t get the key performance criteria you won’t succeed” .

Helping people farm by conserving

Helping people obtain high yield and actually saving their resources in the long run as we are currently facing temperature change. Our changing world needs new ways to diversify and save our resources.

It is in my best interest to help people grow their economy on such a changed global climate.I`m willing to give best information and grow their economy

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best



4 thoughts on “About nkhosingiphile

  1. Ahmad Ballard Reply

    Hello Nkhosingiphile, nice to meet you. I like the purpose of your website, and I hope you continue to work hard within your chosen niche. I’m looking forward to reading your articles.

    • admin Reply

      Hello Ahmad, thanks for commenting, i am glad you love this and thanks for your encouragement, i will keep doing my best at all times. thanks.

  2. Mary L. Brown Reply

    It is nice to meet you, I thought that I would leave you a comment on this page because this is a special page it is all about you and your site. Your site has been done with alot of thoughts and details. You have explained everything in detail and it is very informative. I have seen only a few sites explained in such detail. You have done a wonderful job and it is a great website. It shows how you feel about plants you have a real passion for them and that is awesome. There is one thing though on your one article Pawpaw trees you didn’t finish the health benefits of it. Other than that it is an awesome site. Overall it is awesome I can’t say enough because you have put alot of work into it and it shows and that is what people are looking for. It also shows you have a real passion for plants and that is excellent. You have done an excellent job I just can’t say enough about it. One more thing if you can put more images on your site if you can that would be great. But other than that it is awesome.

    • admin Reply

      Thank you so much Mary, i am glad you enjoy reading through my content, and i am glad to hear from you that there is nothing wrong you are seeing with my site or content other than just the pictures that tells me i really did my best to do my work… Once again thanks Mary.

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