Best Way to Grow Sweet Potatoes – Easy And Fast Method

Are you looking for great information on the best way to grow sweet potatoes? I am all here for you here to give you detailed information on how you can do it. You really can create a living with this, not only can you grow sweet potatoes for consumption but also for commercial purposes and earn money without having invested a lot of things in their growth… It is only about creating effort to do the job just like any other job.

When To Grow

Sweet potato do well in tropical areas where it is warm and not in frost areas. When planting sweet potatoes just make sure that the last frost of summer has passed, it really needs to be grown in warm soil.

Slit preparation

Have you been to the super market and or to a local market and found your best loved sweet potato tuber and you would love to grow it in your home but you have no where to go to get the slips? It is simple, there are quite a number of ways that I am going to discuss with you now on how you can prepare your own slits and make them ready before the beginning of the growing season. This is how you can do it :

  1. You can go yo a neighbor who is having the slips and buy them to plant in your home garden to grow the slips and multiply the shooting so you will have an unlimited number of slips to grow in summer. You simply have to slightly fork the soil and bury the soil deep to allow the formation of the roots and after having planted you have to water them.
  2. Let us say you are in the mall and you see the best type of sweet potato you have never seen and loved the appearance maybe the color. After having seen this tuber you feel like having the seed for that particular type of sweet potato, hey you do not need to worry it is all simple and straight forward. Just but the tuber and when you reach home you can plant it directly to the soil and if you like you can just get a glass and fill it up with water then gentle insert the tuber inside so half of the potato is completely in water and the other half is exposed to light and air and that is where the slits will develop in a couple of days. The part in water will have roots. The slits will grow and when they are about 6 inches tall you have to break them from the tuber and plant them in the ground where they will grow into longer vines and giving you the allowance to have more vines for that particular type of sweet potato you have loved, Always make sure to give them more and more of water so it will generate more shoots for planting in the growing season.

Soil Preparation & Planting

After having got or prepared the slips you have all that you need to grow your own sweet potatoes. Let us start by preparing the soil before we can prepare the slips. Tilt the soil to berry all weeds and kill all insects loosening the soil and making it easy to work on in the process. Get a hoe to make the hips. The reason we are using hips is that we have to make sure that the soil is always easy and simple for the roots to grow and penetrate to the soil and the very same roots are what we have to make sure that they are growing on loose soil for the best growth of the sweet potato tubers.

After having prepared the hips for planting, just go and get your slits getting them ready for planting. Cut the vines where they are still fresh leaving the older vines to develop more shoots for the future. Please note that planting the older vines which has recently produced will result to little or no yield at all. The fresh slits are always the best for planting and will result to a great yield. Make sure to remove all roots that are on the slits before planting.

If you are having no water just do this task after again has fell and at this time the soil is loose. When planting just make sure that the soil has enough moisture for the vines to swell and produce roots immediately after planting. Doing this when the soil is dry will result to the slits loosing more water and will eventually wilt then they will eventually die. Wet soil will also make things easier for you as you are planting the slits using your hands. When planting you just have to get the vine on your palm then hold it on the middle forcing it down maybe 2 to 3 inches deep.


Sweet potatoes needs to be free from weeds just like other plants, they really need more space and not to compete with weeds for either nutrients, water and light. With some crops like maize people use weed killers that are resistant to maize and unfortunately with sweet potatoes there is none except that you have to do the weeding by uprooting the weeds. Removal of weeds by uprooting is the best because it is the safest way to keep the sweet potatoes in good condition other than using a hoe to cut the weeds. The hoe will not only cut the weeds but will accidentally cut the growing tubers. After having uprooted the weeds you will have to hill your sweet potatoes using your hoe. This is as simple as getting the soil closer from the furrows to the vines killing all low and short lying weeds promoting the vines to grow and spread easily. The healthy the vines are the more the chances of production.

Harvesting & Storage

Sweet potatoes take about 3 to four months to mature counting from the very first day when you planted. You can see this by simply looking at the vines and the leaves. When the leaves turn yellow and the vines begins to die, that is when you have to know that you have to harvest your sweet potatoes. Some people use a hoe to dig the sweet potato and they cut them resulting to a loss because once the sweet potato is cut it won’t stay for long that means it is not good to the market. As for me I recommend using the fork when doing this job and with this system there are very slim chances of damaging the tubers. When storing sweet potato you have to make sure not to place it in direct sunlight as this will result to its skin being burnt spoiling the tuber inside.

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