Best Way to Grow Tomatoes in Pots – For Healthy Foliage And Produce

Have you been always wondering on how you can have your own tomatoes grown at home enjoying the feeling of picking your own fresh and self produced product? You surely can save lots of money for other home needs. It is simple, all you need to do is to stay with me as I’m walking you every single detail on the best way to grow tomatoes in pots. You truly do not need to have a big place you can even do this in the veranda.

Know And Do this Before Planting

Before you can grow the tomatoes in containers it is very wise to know the type of variety you are to grow. When growing tomatoes in containers it will not be OK to grow those that are growing too high. Always grow tomatoes that will be easy to stalk.

Let’s get to how you have to do your planting, as i have just said you have to look for those varieties that will grow but not too tall for the sake of easy maintenance and to avoid too much weight on vines that are too high since this will result to over weight and the vines will end up breaking resulting to loses. It is also important to consult your extension officer before any move so you will know which seeds are locally available for you and which pots will be suitable for those kinds of seeds or seedlings. Use good pots and not bigger or shallow pots.

It will all depend on either you are planting from seed or from small seedlings and most importantly it is always wise to make sure the containers are free from diseases and clean, so you will have to wash them in bleach to kill all fungal diseases and bacteria that can enter through the root system of the plant and infect the plants and also your fruits.

Soil Preparation

Now that you know what you must have before the game begins why are we waiting? If you are having all the necessary requirements let us dive in and get rolling with the preparations.

Half fill the potting mix to the pots and not the soil from the garden. A potting mix is the best and recommended because it drains water easily allowing air circulation in the root system other than the soil from the garden which will stump and create more chances for viruses, bacteria and fungi to the plant. Always ensure a good base when growing your plants, a healthy base will result and yield to healthy vines and fruits.

Planting From seed

When planting from seed you have to first of all germinate them from raised beds. Make the bed make good straight lines or small furrows at a depth of about one inch and gentle sprinkle the seeds then you slightly bury them and apply fertilizer which is rich in nitrogen phosphorus and potassium as a top dressing. After having planted the seeds water the seeds only to be moist and not to make the soil saturated. In a space of about 3 to four weeks the seeds would have germinated into new plants then that is the time when you will have to remove them and fork them with a hand fork ensuring not to disturb the roots and then you go for planting.

Planting Seedlings

Now that you are having your seedlings either from seed or just seedlings you have purchased it is fine, now let us get ready for planting them in the pots. You have already half filled your pot with the potting mix and that is great, now take the seedling and place it at the center and fill up the soil right around and making sure that you sink it to the ground and this is completely different from other plants. Tomatoes need to be sunk deep to the soil to maintain a healthy and well-developed root system

Watering The Plants

After having planted your seedlings just make sure you water your plants at least once a week and only to make the soil wet and not saturated. Giving too much water will result to soil stumping and exposing the plant to fungi and diseases. Water your plants below the foliage on the ground and not to water from the leaves because doing so you are also exposing the fruit from fungus and diseases. A simple spout with a watering can will do the best job for you.


Tomatoes need fertilizer just like any other plant to grow well and produce high quality fruits and also for the plant to look healthy. All you have to use is fertilizers like bone meal fertilizer when it is growing since it is rich in nitrogen, Phosphorus and potassium. Nitrogen will stimulate the growth of the plant and makes it look healthier, Phosphorus will help in root growth and development then potassium to help the plant fight diseases. You really need them all for the best plants that will result and yield to high quality fruits. Most importantly always make sure that you apply water after fertilizing making sure not to burn the plants and disturbing the root system.


At this point of the plant’s life of growth it is the most crucial time when you have to make sure of what to give and know exactly what not to give for them to produce at their best. Please do know that nitrogen is only for the growth of the plant and at this point in time when the plant is flowering you have to focus only on fertilizer that will encourage flowering, so the best thing is to go for fertilizer that is specifically for tomatoes and please make sure not to give more than recommended. Do not think by giving more of what is recommended you love your plants, that is definitely wrong, all you need to know is that you will be killing them.

Staking the Plant

As the plant grows it will produce small fruits which enlarge gaining weight into bigger fruits, so as you are watching the plant grow make sure to support the vine from braking, this will always keep the plant upright because the weight from the tomatoes will be on the stakes with the plant upright with no disturbance.


Growing tomato plants is as simple as knowing the above information and taking it to action with the right equipment and skills.

8 thoughts on “Best Way to Grow Tomatoes in Pots – For Healthy Foliage And Produce

  1. Sujandar Mahesan Reply

    My mom always wanted to grow plants and I think growing tomato in the pot will be a good start for my mom. This article is going to be really useful for me to help her getting started up with the plantations. Thank you so much for sharing this article with us, I’m going to follow these steps and start my process.

    • Nkhosingiphile Simelane Reply

      Hello Sujanda, i am really grateful  you have found this article informative and please do show it to your mom on how to grow on pots.

  2. Pecilla Reply

    I love gardening too. I plant variety of vegetables during the summer season and one of them are tomatoes of different kinds. I know you will agree with me that planting and taking care of them seems to relieve some stress in life.Whenever I am in the garden, I forget about the time.  It is a very good hobby to do, plus we can eat organic veggies, right from our garden. Great topic.

    • Nkhosingiphile Simelane Reply

      Pacilla, Nice having you and thanks for your valuable comment, It really is a nice thing to plant and take care of plants, I know it when i  am away from my home i miss home just to watch them and even when i am stressed it heals me to see them and their beauty.

  3. Dhayours Reply

    Well I probably paid less attention to Agric classes, that’s probably why I’m finding it surprising that I’ll have to plant tomatoes in pots. Well in my personal garden, I just plant them directly, sometimes not internationally, because I pour the water from washing fresh tomatoes into my garden. I guess I’ll have to try the pot method. Thanks. 

    • Nkhosingiphile Simelane Reply

      Thanks for your comment, you really have to plant and try in growing tomatoes in pots and you really will make it and they are not hard to germinate just like you know them.

  4. Lok Which Reply

    Thanks for sharing this informative and educative post. I thought tomato is a plant that has to be grown where there is enough space but reading through this has educated me that it can be planted in a pot and i think i will try this out following all your guidelines. Thanks for this information.

    • Nkhosingiphile Simelane Reply

      Hello Lok, thanks for your comment, you really do not need to worry about space with tomatoes all, you can do this in pot and place it maybe in a veranda. 

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