Can You Transplant Grass

Have you been always wondering if there is a way you can use to transplant your grass and beautify your home. Some people have been asking me this question, can you transplant grass and my response was so calm and simple, the were really amazed by the simple tasks that are done on the process of transplanting grass and I was really glad I could help not only my neighbor but a lot of them came to me to look for the same information after having my neighbors grass successfully growing. That was when I decided to write a post where I will help a lot of people in getting this job done the simple and easy way.

Can You Transplant Away From Home

Grass can grow naturally even on the bush so it is not always the case where you will have to buy grass but you can plant grass from the pastures or the bush as long as it is the good one that you love. Transplanting grass really is simple and requires no skill to do that all that you need to do is to make sure you do this task on a rainy season when the soil is wet and that is when it will be easy to do the Job.

Fists Things first

You need to be fully prepared before you can do the job, this means having the good working tools and having the site where you are to plant the grass well prepared. Are you still with me? great now that you are having the working tools ready just loosen the soil where you are to plant before you can consider getting your grass.

Use a pick to loosen the soil but before you can do that just make sure that the soil is loose so it will be easily be worked into a fine tilt.Now that you have loosened the soil open small rectangular furrows and not to a deeper depth, just make it to be 2 inches deep but you will have to change that depending on the thickness of the sod. After having got your site prepared now you have to get your grass and prepare the sods for planting making sure the grass is not disturbed as you remove the sods. Just like I have just mentioned, this can be done very well in summer when there are rains and at that time the soil is loos enough to use a spade when preparing the sods. Stay with me and allow me to take you through the whole process of removing the sods and planting them.

Sod Removal

Removing the grass you will need a spade which you will have to use when removing the sod. First of all you have to identify your site with the type of grass that you like, then after knowing your area of interest with the grass of your choice go for the job. Having a spade with you have to make rectangular cutting on the ground. To do this you just have to wear gumboots which will help you in the process. Place the spade on the grass with your hands on the handle then have one of your foot forcing the spade into the ground to a certain depth making sure it has gone way beneath root zone. Do this continuously until the triangle is formed.

Now that you have done the rectangle cutting you just have to have your spade and holding it firmly in your hands and forcefully digging with the spade beneath the roots and also making sure that the sods are in good condition, that is making sure that the grass comes together with the soil. After having done with the first sod do the very same tasks removing other sods up until you are satisfied.

After having removed the sods please do make sure not to leave a hole exposing the soil to soil erosion, please do make sure not to do this task on areas that are prone to soil erosion but to do it in an open space where it will be easy for the grass to germinate its new seeds and cover up the space for the dug grass.

Planting is so simple

Now that you are having your sods in order all you have to do is to plant them where you want your grass to grow. However, before you can plant it is very important to know the type of soil you are to plant on, it is true that grass grows almost everywhere and in almost all conditions but clay soils can be number one enemy for your grass. If the soil is clay it is very wise to add compost to your planting area or a soil potting mix which will make it easier for the grass to grow and penetrate easily. Clay soils are becoming easily waterlogged making it hard for the roots to penetrate. All plants really need water but it is in excess they collapse. The same thing goes to the grass, exposing them to clay soils can make it hard for the grass to respond and grow.

So before planting apply the soil potting mix on your furrows then you can get your sods closer. proper your sods according to the sises of the planting furrows making the sods a bit smaller than the furrows to accommodate space for soil on the sides. Do this task up until you are done applying the sods on the furrows then after having done that you have to make sure to fill up the spaces on the sides with either a compost or a soil potting mix. Do this up until you are done with the whole task and then the job would be almost done with one task left for you… to water your grass.

Watering your grass you can either use a watering can or you can have a sprinkler erupting and after you are sure that the soil is wet and your grass has been watered remove the sprinkler or close the tap. After having planted the grass in a couple of days it will wilt some turning to pale and please do not be surprised by this, that is adaptation of the grass. The grass is responding to a new environment probably new weather conditions and new soils so that is one thing for sure you need to expect to happen and that will not mean your grass is dying, In a couple of days it will be back to its normal appearance and that is when you have to know that the roots have adapted and have started penetrating in the soil.


Removing grass can be very easy as long as you can follow the simple and straight forward procedure you will be fine. I also would love to hear from you and I would really appreciate having your idea on how do you do this task. It truly has been a tremendous experience being with you in this post and I hope you got something from it and I know that you can easily transplant your own grass. I really would love to have your comments or questions on the space below and it is in my best interest to respond to you as quick as I possibly can.

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