Canna Terra Professional Soil Mix Bag 50L

Product: Canna Terra Professional Soil Mix

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Canna Terra Professional Soil Mix Bag 50L Product Overview

What type of soil that you use to start or germinate your seeds, how is the germination rate of the seedlings? Hope you are happy with the germination and growth of your seedlings. If not happy what is it that is happening, are the seeds germinating at random resulting to lack of seedlings for planting… if so that is really devastating and wasting because you have to keep buying the and planting the very same seeds on the very same soil. Have you tried Canna Terra Professional Soil Mix 50 L which contains NPK nutrients to intrigue and accelerate germination and it is also made of light material to allow drainage. Now just stay with me as i am walking you through every aspect of use in this product review.

How is the root system?

Did you know that not only can you use canna Terra professional when germinating seeds but you can also use it when transplanting both indoor and outdoor plants? Yes your plants really need lose and rich soil for for the roots to easily penetrate resulting to a healthy and tremendous growth, Canna Terra professional allows water to drain well allowing oxygen to flow through the roots.

The roots really do need water but it does not necessarily have to be in swampy conditions, when the roots are being exposed to swampy conditions they become weak and they rot and that is exactly what happens when you have used soils like loam soil to start and germinate seeds, they really will rot when over watered to an extent whereby the soil is water logged. Some soil like the peat moss soil really do well also to germinate and grow plants but they are poor in nutrients and they are really unlike the Canna Terra Professional soil mix which is really rich and having all the essential nutrients for the root to feed on immediately after the seed has sprouted.

You really do not need to bother your self adding nutrients with the Canna Terra, No top dressing or side dressing needed, everything is simply there for you and all you need to do is to plant and grow what so ever you want to plant. What are you using to germinate and grow your vegetable seedlings and how are the results, after having germinated do they look healthy or they are showing signs of poor growth because of the soil they are plant to grow on?

You really need to give it a thought and make observations on your plants and you should be able to tell if the plant is having a poor root system due to the soil that they are plant on. Plants with a poor root system are most likely to be plant on water logged soils which will result to the leaves of the plant hanging down and turning yellow. How is your soil and how are both your vegetables and plants growing?

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How to use

Using the Canna Terra Professional Soil Mix is really simple, to use it can really depend on either you want to plant on pots or on beds. When used in pots you need to add at least 20% of pertile to increase drainage. You have to loosen the soil and fill it on the pot, pick the pot and drop it for at least 3 times to fill up all spaces in the pot and after doing that you can plant and making sure you give the recommended amount of water to the plant or the seedlings to avoid rotting of either the seeds or the plant roots.

My Garden Love

How is your garden doing with the soil you are using? as for me everything is growing at lighting speed, my plants are really happy and showing signs of being healthy and not showing any slight leakage of nutrients. I have always been that kind of person who used to get compost from underneath trees and using that compost when planting seeds both in pots and in beds. They did germinate but the germination rate was slow and even after germination those that germinated were really struggling to grow because the soil was not having all the necessary nutrients for the plants to grow.

I really had money to but both the seeds and a good potting mix for starting my seeds and also growing my plants but i always felt like by making a purchase of the Canna Terra Professional Soil mix i would be wasting my money, so i really thought i was saving and i was even neglecting the fact that the soil i used was full of weeds and was full of insects that were cutting my seedlings as they were germinating so for that reason i had to go for an insecticide which would work best to kill worms and insects and the worms.

I really had to spend $10 to get an insecticide that will kill all the dangerous organisms to my plants. Did i save anything or made a loss? i never realized it was a loss until i talked to my neighbor asking and talking to him on how is he making it to grow vegetables that grows fast and matures at the right time without any struggle when grown. His answer was as simple as using the going for the Canna Terra Professional soil mix and i really went for a purchase.

After having used the Canna Terra Professional in a matter of a few weeks i experienced a tremendous germination with healthy seedlings showing signs of being healthy and growing in as twice the size of those plants that i grew in my compost i used previously. After having used the Canna Terra Professional i was really grateful i made the purchase both my plants and vegetables were doing well and the produce was the best to sell at the best price unlike with my old way of planting.


After having seen the tremendous growth from the Canna Terra Professional i am having no other option but to always go for the Canna Terra Professional and it is really great to see the best grown plants from my neighbors, not only are they recommending Canna Terra but the plants are also telling the whole story and to have the best plants i would recommend you to pick your own Canna Terra Professional Soil Mix amazon is having them at the best price here. It has been a great pleasure having you and i hope you have been helped on how the Canna Terra could be helpful to you and if you have any question or comment please use the space below and i will be more than happy to help you.

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