Doff 75g Natural Hormone Rooting Powder

Product: Doff natural hormone rooting powder

Price: £2.99

Cheapest Place to buy: Amazon

Weight: 75 g

Guarantee: 4 years

Doff 75 Natural Hormone Rooting Powder Product overview

What kinds of plants do you have in you home that you would also love to add on your farm or garden? I know it how it feels to always be buying the very same plant in the nursery, You keep buying and you don’t feel any stress to do that until you see and know the simple and easy skills behind the process of making the plants, yes there is surely a simple way that can work best for you – the Doff 75g natural Hormone Rooting Powder can really make your savings grow in a nut shell as you will be producing your own plants in your home without traveling and buying so all you need to do is to stay with me as I’m walking you every aspect of doing it in this product review.

Economical Strength

Did you ever think that not only can you produce plants for only your self but you can also help other people who would love to buy the plants and earn your self good cash in the process? Yes you surely can with just a simple rooting hormones and you can make this to grow into a successful business where people will buy different kinds of plants, either ornamental or fruit trees.

Have you always been looking for such a simple and home based simple business? If so doff 75 g natural hormone rooting powder is all that you need to bring everything into life. I remember the old times when I used to buy every plant and spend big time buying even the plants that I am having in my farm until I met a friend who is a specialist in horticulture. He shared everything with me and as he was walking me through every single detail of the process I was really nervous because I thought it was for tertiary levels students.

Actually, it was as simple to do as ABC and he gave me a chance to do it also following his foot steps and I id exactly how he was doing it. Got the cuttings and applied the rooting hormones and used a soil potting mix to plant the shoots. In a couple of about 7 weeks I was really inspired to see roots’ all over the cutting. Are you surprised how? just stay with me as I am rocking you on into more details below.


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Any Skills Needed When Using?

You really do not need to have any skill to do this job except that you have to take good care when making the cuttings, It is really important to use the proper tools to make the cuttings and the tools are as follows

  • Pruning shears like the felco which are very good for cuttings and very sharp to promote fast healing of the plant to avoid fungal diseases entering in the wound
  • A container to where you will plant your cuttings and it can depend on how long you want to keep them on the pots, if you want them to stay for long in the pots it is wise not to use very bigger pots because some plants like litchi do not love to be grown in bigger containers, actually they die when over potted so it is best to have a liter bag when doing this job.
  • Have a soil potting mix or peat moss.Have the rooting hormone with you and get ready for work.This is all you need to do. When doing this you have to be able to select good and matured shoots, selecting pre-matured shoots will result to poor or no results at all, so just get your felco and select a good and straight shoot before you can do the cutting. Before doing this you have to make sure that you have your soil potting mix or compost in the planting bag or container then you just have to pour little of the powder on a separate container, beware not to waste your resources, Pour something you will use on a separate container and that is where you will stick the cutting. Before you can stick the cutting into the powder you have to make sure that you are having water where you will moisten the shoot where the doff 75 g natural hormone is to stick on. It can not stick on a dry cutting but you have to moisten the shoot. After having done that stick only the 2 cm moist part on the rooting hormone and gentle hold and hit the shoot on a side just to remove the rooting hormone in excess. After having done that just half fill the planting bag with the potting mix and place the shoot at the center of the planting bag and gentle refill the planting bag wit the soil potting mix and making sure not to move the hormone away from the shoot as you refill. You may also plant on the ground if you like but it is always best and wise to have a good start for your plants to have a healthy root ball with temperatures controlled until the roots’ ans the stalk is strong.

Are The Results Worth it?

You truly wont regret making the purchase and trying the Doff 75 g natural rooting powder, you really will be pleased by the early rooting of the plants it really is the best when it comes to making strong roots’. You surely will be surprised by the tremendous growth of the plants and all that will follow is seeing your small plants flowering at a time of flowering, if their parent plants are flowering in summer and that is exactly what they will do, I hope you see how easy and simple it is to make those trees you always buy in your local nursery.


  • Stimulates root formation quicker
  • Encourages rooting in all cuttings
  • It can be used in all seasons


  • When too much is applied it can kill your plants

=>Enjoy The Experience Of Making Plants By Your Self<=



It really feels great to have the best skills to manufacture your own plants and not only am I a number one fan of the doff 75 g natural hormone even my neighbors strongly recommend this product and they are really pleased with the results. It is also great because not only can you use it for cuttings but you can also use it for air layering. It has a long time warranty of more than 3 years before it can expire. If you want to save big time on having the best plant and making lots of plants at home or in your farm I recommend you to pick your own doff 75 rooting hormones and produce an endless number of plants on your own… It really can be up to you to either produce it to help other people in exchange for money or you just want to produce it for your self. I am really grateful you have walked with me till this far and I hope this article has really helped you see that you really can change your world with just a simple rooting hormone. I really would love and appreciate to respond to your comments or questions on the space below.

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