For Easy & Fast Mowing – Bosch Rotak 34 R Lawn Mower Review

Product: Bosch Rotak 34 R Lawn Mower

Price: £142.01

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon

Weight: 11.1 kg

Guarantee: 2 year guarantee

My Ratings: 9.6 out of 10

Bosch Rotak 34 R Lawn Mower Product Over View

I really am the best fan of nature and I really love spending my leisure time with my family on the lawn other than to always go to the park where you may find that there are lots of people who have come for picnics making it uncomfortable for me. Who hates natural grass? People love to walk on grass bare-footed experiencing the nice comfort from the well cut grass and it all begins with the lawn mower and I will be walking you through every aspect on how helpful it can be to you, and more than anything I will walk with you on every detail on how you can use the Bosch rotak 34 r lawn Mower in this product review.

Bosch Rotak- Is It Worth The Price?

Grass has always been growing so very fast because of my fertile soil and also because of the rainy season and even in winter it grows but unlike in summer, It really grew very fast in summer and I used to use a hand slasher to cut off the grass but it all seamed to be like a joke since the grass is very hard to cut. I thereafter went for a brush cutter to my neighbor who usually charge $10 a couple of square meters and as time went on the price of petrol used to hike so he also had to increase the price. After each and every fuel hike price I had to face that shock too.I thought by so doing I was saving as I was always skeptical of having my self a pair of a Bosch rotak 34 r lawn Mower. I thought about this and made my calculations and I was surprised by the fact that the money I paid him was double the money I could have spent on buying my self a brand new Bosch rotak 34 r lawn Mower.

I really regretted after seeing the total and It really was hectic to always call him to cut mostly during the rainy season where it rains more often encouraging the grass to grow at a lightning speed, so you can just imagine as to how much I used to spend to cut in my 50sq feet lawn $250 spent in the two previous years.

After having bought my self a pair of the Bosch rotak 34 r lawn Mower I was really saving a lot of money because I really did the cutting by my self saving myself from recurring expenses. Now I am stress free when it comes to cutting grass and making my lawn fine in my home, when there is one thing I love for sure is the fact that even my son and my wife can use lawn mower since it is movable and easy to use. They do the mowing in my absence when needed and I am really pleased to have my lawn always short, comfortable clean and interesting whenever I arrive home. We really enjoy using the Bosch rotak 34 r lawn Mower and we love its potability.

How to use The Bosch Rotak

When there is one thing for sure interesting about the Bosch rotak 34 r lawn Mowers is the fact that it is so easy to use, anybody can use it as longs as you can hold the Z handles to push it and be able to control it when in use it will do the job without and problem. The handles can be folded from time to time and this is an advantage since it will accommodate people of different heights, yes it truly is for anybody.

This lawn mower is far more safe than a brush cutter which you can inhale carbon monoxide from when in use and it can even result to serious eye damage to people closer or property. I am really impressed with its 130w power drive motor, it really is powerful to cut to a maximum of 300 msq and the integrated handle makes it more comfortable to transport from one place to another without being exhausted by heaviness.

It really will work best even in awkward areas as it is having a grass comb to cut for close to edge cuttings. When in use or before each and every use you just have to check if the blades are sharper blunt, blunt blades won’t have fine cuts so you will have to remove the replacement blade and sharpen it on the grind stone that comes together with the lawn mower together with the electric grass trimmer which can also help to trim in awkward edges.

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Plant Lover

Did you know that the Bosch rotak 34 r lawn Mowers really cares for your plants? Yes it really does, the fact that it has got a 40L grass box has a great impact on plant care and growth. When using the mower the grass will be cut to the grass box and not spread all over the place but stored for a purpose. Some people throw it away not knowing that by so doing they are actually loosing nutrients for the plants. The grass has to be used as mulch and when it decomposes it will release nutrients to the plant. Not only will it release nutrients but it will also help your plants in several ways like maintaining optimum temperatures to the roots and as well as acting as a barrier against weeds. So I hope you realize how helpful it can be, not only to you but to your plants as well.


  • Easy to move and maneuver


  • Grass collection box not fitting well


When it comes to fines and smooth fantastic cuts no lawn mower does it better than the Bosch rotak 34 r lawn Mower and I am its number one fan. It really does a tremendous job in my community, It just has improved lawn appearance and people are now loving its great job. The job encourages more people to also have their own. If you are interested in having your own I suggest you pick your own pair of the Bosch rotak lawn mower.

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