Germinate Palm Tree Seeds -The Easy Guide

How does it feel to see palm trees in the most luxurious places you have been to, it can either be a hotel, park or anywhere? I hope you feel the welcoming and positive environment they create. I just love them diversified they just make my day and refresh my memory how about you? I just love growing them by my self and enjoying the feeling of producing a lot of palms for my home. How about you, do you love palms and have always been to a situation where you always had to buy from a local nursery since you never knew you can grow them by your self from seed? Please save your traveling fuel and all the money you spend and just walk with me as I am outlining every single detail to you on how to germinate palm tree seeds.

Seeds Preparation

Have you been noticing underneath palm trees that the palm seeds fall and they really do germinate successfully if the soil is loose and moist to give the seed a rage. Palm trees varies in sizes and growth, some grow taller than others. Palm trees are slow growth and all you have to do is to be patient when growing everything from the beginning.

However most importantly all you need to know is the fact that palm trees do flower and bear fruits but only matured plants can have seeds. After flowering, you will have to wait for the seeds to grow and be matured also, as the palms grows they really produce an endless number of seeds for you to germinate and grow new into new plants.

Like I have just mentioned, palm trees are different and their fruits are in different colors when they are ripe and matured, some they become black and some red and some yellows like the bush palms so it is very important to know when they are ripe and not to just plant anything you have come across, doing that will result to poor results or no germination at all.

You really do not need to trouble your self picking the fruits, all you have to do is to wait for them to fall and that is when you will be sure that the seeds are good for planting. Please do note that not all fruits that you will collect on the ground under the palm trees are OK to plant, some of them are just dead hollow inside when you press them with your fingers.

Just be careful with this and after having collected the seeds please do try to remove the outside layer and leaving only the seed for germination. You can also store your seeds for some time, maybe a week or two so they will ripen up for easy seed preparation. After they are ripe you can use your two fingers to press and remove the seed from the pulp and after having done that wash your seeds to remove extra pulp.

It does not have to be always the case that you have to always go for the wet seeds, even the dry seeds that have been lying underneath the palm tree for some times do really germinate very well and they are also an advantage because they have no work, it’s simply germinating. I do not know if you can buy palm tree seeds but all that I am sure of is that you can get the seeds by requesting for them either from a neighbor or anywhere… just ask for authority to get the seeds you like.

Soil Preparation

Now that you have done the seed preparation exercise, I am now cruising you through the soil preparation process which is easy and simple, so please just stay with me and let’s rock on…

Palm trees do not like soils that are poorly draining, they really do best in soils that are loose so the roots will easily penetrate and that soil could either be peat moss or soil potting mix. Soil potting mix is my number one recommendation because you do not need to worry about the NPK nutrients but everything is there and sorted for the plant to feed on and experience a tremendous and a healthy growth from the starting point. Immediately after the seed has emerged it starts getting all the nutrients and all the energy required for the plant to grow and look healthy.

After having got your soil potting mix please make sure to get planting pots and this will depend on to you, If you want to keep them on the pots for a little longer you can use bigger pots but please do know that they have a tap root which really do need to grow deep and was deeper than the planting bag.

Add the potting mix on the planting bags and slightly lift and drop the bag to fill up all the air spaces on the base and the sides of the planting bag.

Seed germination

How does it feel so far to have the simple and best guide? I hope you love every step of the way, when it comes to germinating the seeds you can do this in a couple of ways… you can either sock them in water or grow them directly on the ground.

Socking the seeds

After having dried the seeds all you can do is to get a clean and good container. Put the seeds inside and then add water on the container. Please do make sure to add fresh water every day and in a short space of about two weeks remove the seeds for planting

Planting them directly

Planting the seeds directly to the soil can be a bit delaying when compared to that of socking them, but the most important thing is to be patient with the palm seed, so in a space of about 60 days they will germinate and grow into new plants.

Transplanting them

To transplant palms you have to make sure to transplant them earlier before the tap root goes deeper escaping the planting bag or container. When transplanting them you have to make sure that the planting hole is well prepared and OK for planting palm trees… that is making sure that you improve drainage to the soil by adding organic matter or compost so it will be easy for the roots to penetrate easily.

Pruning is simple

The palm trees will grow and as they grow they do not just shed their leaves like other plants do, you have to help them by trimming or pruning the lower lying leaves, as the palm threes produces new shoots the older shoots turn yellow and eventually die and that is really when you need to trim or prune them. With time, they will grow even taller to heights you won’t reach so the best thing you can have is to get your self a telescopic tree pruner which can easily reach where it is no longer possible to reach with just hand shears.


How does it feel to see the palm trees in a uniform setting beautifying and enhancing what soever place you have been to? You can also do it with the skills I have just given you now here and enhance your home, they really do beautify and enhance a place creating a welcoming environment, they really do refresh my memory and hope so for you too. It really is not a hard thing to grow palm trees from seed, as long as you can stick to the guide I have just given you will be fine. It really am pleased to walk you through this simple guide on growing palm trees from seed and I hope you have leaned a lot and I really do hope you will grow your own palm trees successfully. If you are having a question or comment, please use the space below and I will be more than happy to help you as soon as I possibly can.

8 thoughts on “Germinate Palm Tree Seeds -The Easy Guide

  1. Olushola Reply


    wow! I never knew palm tree is this important until I just read your article on it now. I have always thought of it as some other fruits or seeds out there but now I know better. It’s really nice shedding more light on how best to plant it, prepare the soil and more.

    Atleast now I can try to plant one myself and see how it goes. Thank you so much for this wonderful article.



    • Nkhosingiphile Simelane Reply

      Hello Olushola, i am grateful you have found this article informative and helpful, you can really grow your own palm trees from home as long as you stick to this simple guide i have just given you you will be fine.

  2. Kinggold19 Reply

    Wow, an helpful review on growing palm trees. The feelings one has around palm trees is a good one because the way they beautify the environment is awesome. Also, they serve as source of fresh air for humans. And from this article, I’ve learned the art to grow it by myself. Thank you for this insightful review. Am really glad I don’t have to pay someone to grow it for me. Good job here. 

    • Nkhosingiphile Simelane Reply

      Hello King gold, thanks for your valuable comment, i have really given you the best and simple guide to grow palm trees from seed and as long as you use that guide very well you will be fine when it comes to germinating palm tree seeds.

  3. Theresa Reply

    I found your article very interesting even though I do not live in an area where palm trees can grow. As a child, I lived in an area with abundant palm trees and I was so surprised to find out that there are beaches without them!

    Even though I will not be able to follow your guide to plant palm trees, I learned things that I can apply to grow other things. For instance, I have tried to grow other trees but I did not know that it is important to prepare the soil before transferring the tree to its permanent location. I didn’t know about soaking seeds in water, either. I may try that.

    Thank you for pointing out that pruning is important. That is a task that I often overlook, even with houseplants and plants in pots on my deck. I think they will grow better if I take care of them.

    Thank you for this helpful post.

    • Nkhosingiphile Simelane Reply

      Hey Theresa, thanks for your valuable comment, socking the seeds really helps to accelerate the germination rate because the cotyledons absorbs the water making it fast for the seeds to germinate. When it comes to pruning that is one other part for sure you must not overlook , just make sure you are always keeping your plants lovely by pruning dead leaves 

  4. GinaO Reply

    Thank you for your tips on how to grow palm tree. It is very interesting and informative. I love to plant and see my crops grow. As you said patience and doing it right is the way to get it right. yes, have the right soil mix and nutrient for the plant to feed on is very important. Soaking the seed allows the cotyledons to absorb water and grow which will take longer time if the seed is planted directly without the soaking. Thanks for sharing.

    • Nkhosingiphile Simelane Reply

      Hello Gina, thanks for your valuable comment, i am really pleased you have found this post informative and helpful.

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