Growing Avocado From Seed – Best And Simple Way

Have you been always wondering and willing to grow your own plants after having seen beautiful and different types of avocados in a supermarket? It really feels nice to grow your own in the comfort of your own home. Maybe you have seen avocados plants in big commercial farms and thought it requires certain or maybe higher level skills to plant your own in your own home, that is definitely not the case, growing avocado from seed is something that can be done by anybody as long as you know and apply the basic skills for germination, good soils, growth care tips and maintenance and that is exactly what I will be walking with you through now. So let’s get rolling!

Seed Preparation

growing avocado from seed

Have you ever been thinking of growing avocados seeds and thought the only way you could have them is to buy the seeds? That was completely wrong, all you need do is to have a seed from ripe avocados and, it can either be from the supermarket or from your home as long as you have loved the taste of the avocado and have loved to have the plant you can grow and multiply them in your garden for same family fruits or different varieties.

This really calls for matured and ripe avocados and please do not use seeds from unripe fruits because won’t germinate but to rot on the soil. After you are having your ripe avocados you can cut it and be careful not to damage the seed inside then just remove it out of the fruit,

Remove the brown seed coat which will take a lot of time to decompose and preventing the seed to exposure to moisture. Just remove it completely all around the seed and after you are sure get ready to prepare for planting.

Suitable Conditions For Growth

For avocados to grow well they need temperatures of between 18 to 26 degrees celcious and can grow both in acidic and alkaline and soil with good drainage system.


When planting your avocados it can depend on how you want to germinate them. It can either be that you want to palnt a lot of seeds for your farm at a go or you want to plant one or two seeds. You can choose between these two following methods how you want to plant your Avocado seeds:

Soaking the seed

Now just get a glass and fill it up with water then you force at least three tooth picks on three sides of the seed. Place the avocado seed upside down. This is to allow the broad based part of the avocado to be completely in water and the slightly pointed part to be facing up and that is where a new growth will emerge and in the water that is where you will see roots forming in a couple of the glass in a plentiful supply of light but in a cool place avoid it from being burnt by sun rays. In A couple of weeks

Direct Planting

You can plant them directly to the soil or in plant bags. Let us say you have preferred to start them in planting bags. All you need is to have a peat moss fertilizer filled in the planting bags then you can now take the seed and slightly berry it in the soil with the broad part facing down and that is where the roots will form. Peat moss is good and well draining soil good for the growing of Avocados, so after having planted the seeds just water the seeds in the planting bags with a watering can ensuring not dig and exposes the seed to the surface. Place them in full sun to accelerate the germination rate, the more the sun here directly to the planting bags is the more there will be warmth intriguing and accelerating the germination of the seed.

Some avocados can start to sprout and germinate in space of about two weeks time and some will even take longer.


A lot of people think that they love their plants by giving too much of water on them almost each and every day and that is completely not the case. All you need to understand is that avocado plants are living things and in as much as they do need water but they really feel and have the need to live without water just for a few days and this makes the roots stronger. Allowing the soil to dry for a couple of days you are actually giving the roots to strive and adapt to harsh conditions and most importantly you are allowing more oxygen to flow in the roots creating a healthy and a well-developed root system for growth in the process. If only you can allow a space for the roots to dry and apply water at least once a week, your plants will be more than happy with tremendously growing shoots showing a healthy growth.

What To Do when Planting

After having germinated your new plants to success all you need to do now is to transplant them to their permanent place in your farm or garden. You will need both a pick and a shovel. First thing to do is to site the location and mark out where you are to plant. The best time of planting would be during the growing season when the soil is wet and lose and not in winter when the soil is frozen. Just loosen a small potion where you are to place and position your plant to the right upright angle. Cut the plant bag and remove the plant without disturbing the root ball. Place the plant on the flat surface where you have loosened the soil and cover the root ball with the same type of soil mixed with kraal manure. After having done this your root ball will be covered your plant will be up high on a ridge and by so doing you are giving room for the root ball to have air circulating inside it keep good and healthy roots for life.

What Not To Do when Planting

Avocado plants do not like to be sunk on a hole. Some people dig a whole allowing water to collect inside which is completely wrong because it always exposes the roots to damp and wet conditions which end up to the plant being stressed and growing poorly because of lack of oxygen penetrating in the soil that is always damp.


Planting avocados from seed is that simple and you really do not need a skill to do that jut like I have outlined it for you, the only problem with avocados grown from seed is the fact that they can even take as long as 15 years to produce fruits so it really is wiser to know the skills on how you can graft your avocados through cuttings. You will really be happy with grafted plants because they take even less time to bear fruits.





3 thoughts on “Growing Avocado From Seed – Best And Simple Way

  1. Dhayours Reply

    I always wanted to expand my farm into planting of fruits, already began banana, I’m definitely going to add Avocado to it.

    Farming is the best way to invest. I believe strongly that in the next couple of years, farmers would probably become ranked among the richest in the society.

    I would make sure I follow this procedure vividly.


  2. Dianne Reply

    You are right there, I always assumed avocados were not easy to grow and never realised they could be grown in the home. I must try this! Would you suggest any particular month is good to reliance it to the outside, or the best season maybe?

    You say that planting advocados from seed can take 15 years to grow the fruit. So with your method how long until fruit is grown?

    • Nkhosingiphile Simelane Reply

      Hello Dianne, thanks for your valuable comment, the summer season is the best season for germinating seeds but even in winter they can still do but not like in summer. Growing Avocado from seed can really take some time so at times the best way to reach fruiting is to graft the plants.

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