How to grow carrots’ from seed – Growing guide

Are you looking for a great guide on how to grow carrots’ from seed, are you one of those people who believe they have to buy everything even those smaller vegetable crops they can grow in their garden. It is really devastating to buy everything, spending every penny you should have been saving for future use. Now i just want to walk you through and give you a complete guide on carrots’ growth.

Soil Preparation

Before anything can be done it is important to go for a soil PH, just sample the soil and send it to the laboratory or you can use a PH meter. The best results for good PH will be around 5.5 to 6.5 and that is when you can start for soil preparation. The Soil PH step is most important to do because neglecting this step will result to the crops to grow poor and also less yield. If the soil is too acidic it will be best and wise to apply lime at least three months before growing your carrots’.

Carrots also do best in soils rich in potash, so be sure not to throw away ashes but just broadcast the ashes where you are to plant. Nothing beats preparation. If you do have water you can water the soil so that the ashes and lime are dissolved to the ground and starting to action.

After you have done all the above and you have finally got the results from the laboratory…. Let’s get to work then. Just get your self a pick, fork or a hoe to loosen the soil. Carrots need deep well drained and loose soils to grow and produce very well. Loosen the soil and just make it a fine tith. Plant in raised beds or just a flat loose land. Growing in raised beds increases the depth for the carrots’ to grow and penetrate easily. Raking the soil will make the land flat and uniform for all the seeds to be on the same position.

Make planting lines

Get a string and tie it on just a heavy and move to the other end again get another stone to tie allowing the string to make a straight line and stretch. Now you can just use just a firm stick to move along opening the lines along the string, please do be careful and not to make it to deep, it just have to be at least one inch deep. Please make sure not to compact the soil when doing this as compacting will result poor germination, so to avoid this Place two blocks on both sides of the bed then a plank on top of the blocks, just use this and walk on top of the plank as you are doing this activity. Now lets just take a look on how you can germinate and grow the seeds.

Germinating the seeds

Carrots seeds are sold in super markets so you can just get your self a pack to germinate. This is how you can do it. slightly mix the seedlings with soil on a container, you can even use sand or compost. This is to ensure that you do not waste a lot of seeds on the same area, doing this way will maximize the chances saving seeds to plant in the future. Without this method there could be loss on expensive seeds.

Get your container with the soil mixed with the seeds, walk on top of the plank to slightly sprinkle on the lines, do this exercise up until you are done spreading your seeds. Now Everything is done well, Use your rake to slightly Berry the seeds and not to get them too dip because this will result to poor germination, just make it to be as slight as possible.


Do you know that this is such an incredible tool to prevent moisture loss to you bed? not only will it retain moisture but it ill also prevent the seedlings from floating when you are watering, without the use of mulch water may be applied directly to the soil and hit hard disturbing every thing that has been set and this will eventually lead to poor germination rate. The mulch reduces the speed of the water and make everything perfect .

Mulch can be either leaves or grass and mulching will help your seeds not to be affected by birds during germination, Now that you have done almost everything just use a watering can to water your bed and please do make sure not to over water as this will cause roting on the seeds.

After germinating in a space of about two weeks slightly remove the mulch to give the seedlings room to grow. Place the mulch in between the rows and as the carrots’ grows you will have to bring it closer preventing moisture loss on the ground. As the carrots’ grows you will have to add more mulch .


When applying fertilizer for carrots’ it is important to go for fertilizers that has less nitrogen and more of potassium and phosphorus because both these nutrients they play a great role in the growth of roots and nitrogen is for the leaves. Just look at the labels outside when buying fertilizer. When applying the fertilizer just look at the recommended ratio for application, if you are recommended to apply 500 g just give them 250 grams to avoid burning your carrots’.


In a couple of weeks after the carrots’ has germinated, you have to give them more room for growth by thinning them to a correct spacing. To do this you just have to remove those that look unhealthy. Give them a space of about 2 cm apart when thinning accommodating and providing space for the carrot to grow without competition from its neighbors. By so doing your carrots’ will grow well and healthy.


When it comes to harvesting, just look at the packaging to confirm the number of days the carrots’ take to mature from the time of planting. If it takes 80 days you can just start harvesting at a 45 days period. As you are harvesting you are giving room for the remaining carrots’ to grow well and bigger. This can be as simple as uprooting it and if it is hard to lift out just use a fork to loosen the soil. After having harvested your carrots’ do not wash them and just wash those you are to use at that time.




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