How to Water A Plant – Best Way to hydrate

Have you been always watering your plants every day claiming to care for them by so doing? Did you notice that plants that grow in the bush really do well even during winter but still manage to survive and live healthy relying on only to the summer rain? Yes they really do shed their leaves but that does not mean they there is a problem with them but that means they lose leaves to prepare for the new season and new growth, same thing applies to those you grow by your self in your home. I am hoping that sharing information on how to water a plant will not only hydrate your plants but your plants will also grow stronger and healthier.

The Uses Of Water In Plants

Plants would not do without water, water helps plants to dissolve and absorb nutrients and mineral irons to the different parts of the plant. Water contains two chemical compounds and that is Hydrogen and oxygen. Without water there could be restricted growth to the plants and they will wilt and die. When plants absorbs water to the different parts of the plants it the plant cells are filled up making the plant to look healthy and upright. During transpiration water is lost through the stomatas so when a plant lose more water than it gains the cells shrink and resulting to wilting.

Water is really the best temperature regulator to plants, It really cools the plant when the temperatures are too high. The roots are not only absorbing waters but they are also benefiting to the ground moisture after watering so the reason behind mulching is not only to retain moisture but also to make sure that the temperatures are at optimum levels to the soil during very cot temperatures, mulch prevent direct sun rays heating directly and evaporating moisture. Without moisture the roots on the surface may dry out and die during very harsh temperatures so water and mulch really plays a great role in retaining moisture and regulating temperatures to the roots. Healthy roots will eventually lead to a stronger and a healthy plant.

How to know the plant needs water

Plants are not the same they differ, some plants like succulents do not need more water than other plants. Yes the thicker and broad leave plants do store lots of water on their trunk for future use so they do not suffer in dry seasons than those plants with soft leaves. You do not need to wait for the plant to wilt to give it waters but you have to stick your fingers at least two inches from the surface and feel the soil if it needs water. If the soil is dry even underneath just water your plants they really do need water during that time.

Some people will create a watering schedule but that is not the best way because you may find that in your watering schedule some days are really hot than others so waiting will do more harm to your plants as they might be lacking in water. It is wise to monitor using your fingers because even the soil is not the same, some soil lose more water than others like sandy soil. For sandy soil it is easy absorb moisture and easy to lose moisture.

Symptoms of over watering

  • When the plant wilts but there is a lot of m moisture on the ground, that is when you will know that you are over watering.
  • The roots will rot and as a result you will notice the leaves growing unhealthy.
  • The leaves will suddenly turn brown.

How to treat over watered plants

Plants that are grown on pots can be treated by just adding drainage holes on the planting bags so there will be more oxygen flowing through the soil to the roots discouraging fungicides which may result to fungal rots to the roots.

The Nice way to water

It is wise and best to water your plants in the morning so that the water may all be absorbed by the plant unlike when the sunlight is hot all the moisture will be evaporated and that sounds to be a waste of water.When watering your plants it is very important to make sure that the water do not erode and run through without penetrating the soil into the roots, so the soil really needs to be lose and absorb water. The best way you can do is through using a watering can with a sprouted , If the place you want to water get a bigger watering can.

Drip Irrigation The best

If you are having numerous plants to water and you are using water on a pipe you can just make catchment areas around each plant by placing soil around making something like a dish but this is not the best way to grow your plants because the roots will always be sinking in water resulting to root rot.

It you are having a pipe you can just drill a small hole on each plant so the water will drip through wetting the soil and allowing the roots to absorb water at their best unlike the other ways which simply sink water at a go. The drip irrigation system is my favorite because it even allows the best absorption of nutrients without them being leached.

Recycling another best option

For some people it may look silly to recycle and use old containers to water their plants but that is surely the best and cheapest way to go. Won’t you be saving by simply getting the two liter bottles so you will fill them up with water to your plants? Just think about it, water is very scarce this days so it is really wise to conserve and use it wisely. You just have to drill a small hole beneath the bottle and fill up the bottle with water and place it underneath that plant until it is empty then you can fill it up again until the whole area is wet.


Mulching is really the best to retain water for a long time after watering and it also reduces the speed of water from heating directly and hard to the ground which may erode the soil exposing the roots to harsh conditions. Mulching really acts as a great tool in this climatic changing situation.


Plants are indeed living creatures just like we as humans, without water there can be no plant so both humans and plants rely on water, some plants are really responsible and plays a greater role in bringing water from deep down the water table to the surface. Plants like rasp Berry are found in water sources and they are a great symbol that there is water even if there is no water in the surface. However, some plants like gum trees and pine trees they consume lots and lots of water per day so it is not wise to have such plants near water resources





19 thoughts on “How to Water A Plant – Best Way to hydrate

  1. andy Reply

    I used to water my plants every morning, right when I get up, but I never really knew how much water was right or if I was giving them too much or too little.  It is so hard to get it exactly right as different plants need different care.  This is an excellent article to help people to better care for their plants, and to think about how best to water them. 

    • Nkhosingiphile Simelane Reply

      Hello Andy

      Thanks for stopping by, It really is good to show love to your plants but not to over water them like you always do. Watering them everyday you may think you love them but they are not at all happy and the roots really need a space to dry out so they will be healthy and free from fungus.

  2. Brandon Reply

    Yes! It’s summer here in New Zealand and I’ve made myself a garden, however, rain will be at a low so I need a way to keep my plants watered. Luckily I read this article because I didn’t think it mattered when you watered the plants, I thought watering was watering but now I know I should do it in the morning when sunlight exposure is low. And I’ll be sure to not over water them either! I don’t want to kill my new garden already!

    • Nkhosingiphile Simelane Reply

      Hello Brandon

      Really grateful you have found this post informative enough for you to care and water your plants the right way in your garden, like i have just said do the watering in the morning when the soil is also cool, i really love the fact that you now understand that you have to water your plants and not to over water them as this will not be healthy for them.

  3. fyre Reply

    When I was in California I had to secretly collect rainwater (before 2012 you had to have a permit!) as it was illegal at the time.  

    I am huge on recycling water (as well as bottles) and, will do so any chance I get!  I use drip irrigation also and, it’s the best way to go so, I concur.  

    I grew up with farmers and, have pretty much been around farming and later sustainable farming my whole life.  Learning more about mulching in the arid regions I wasn’t accustomed to has saved my food gardens on many occasions.

    Thank you for spreading the good watery word!  

    • Nkhosingiphile Simelane Reply

      Hy Frye, thanks for stooping by with your comment, i am really grateful you have found this article informative and helpful , It is so amazing to know that in some countries you had to have a permit to collect rain water , the world has really run short of water so we really need to recycle to survive. Farming is life, thanks frye

  4. Dale Reply

    It may seem like a simple task but you are right, every plant is different.  The first thing you need to do is get to know your plants.  My wife loves plants but does sometime seem to water them too often.

    I am going to show her this article and see what she says.  I think this is an article that we all need to read especially if we have plants.  Maybe they will live longer if only we absorb a bit of education.

    Thank you for a great article


    • Nkhosingiphile Simelane Reply

      Hello Dale nice having you and thanks for your comment, you really have to show this article to your wife if she does not believe this do an experiment and plant water some plants more often and rarely water some plants so you will see the difference in growth. Plants really need a bit of struggle with water for them to grow and to be healthy

  5. Steve Reply

    One of my struggles…in fact…a struggle of most of my family has been keeping plants alive. No matter what we did, we just couldn’t prevent the plant from eventually dying out. It’s sad because we had a really nice herb selection one time as well as some veggies and through either over-watering of under-watering, they died out. Thanks for this article as it gives good advice for those like me!

    • Nkhosingiphile Simelane Reply

      Hello Steve thanks for your informative comment, sometimes it is not always the time when plants will be killed by over watering or under watering, the suitable conditions for the plants to grow needs to be known before planting and without having done this the plants will struggle. If you have to test the soil before planting do that.

  6. mathieu Reply

    I’m working in landscaping for 10 years already and the watering for outside plant and inside plant is different. I have few inside plants and I always have a hard time to keep them alive during winter season. I have few Aloe Vera and those one, because they are in the Cactus family, I don’t have to water them often. In the winter season, I water them almost at every 3 weeks. The one’s where I have difficulties are the Spider Plants. In the summer they are beautiful. I water twice every week. In the winter time, once every week and a half. Their sprouts turn brown very quickly and the tip of the leaves too. I notice that since I moved, maybe the quality of the water is different and that can stress the plant. I add some nutrients, it seems to help but, I’m not sure about it.

    The outside plants are way easier. My clients love the irrigation system like the one you explain, the drip line. Of course the time of watering will vary of a region to an another, and where I live we adjust the timer for 20 min. 

    The mulching as you mentioned, is a very good way to keep the moisture in the ground. The one we use is the composted bark mulch.

    Thanks for that good information,


    • Nkhosingiphile Simelane Reply

      Hello Mathieu, thanks for your comment and i am really grateful i am communicating with an expert who has been in this for ten years now, I think if you were to take your inside plants to the sun during winter they were to survive , maybe they were to get more energy and pick up since in the house the temperatures are even low for them maybe to survive. Some plants do not need as much water than others like the cactus family and after having watered the plants do make sure to retain moisture by mulching. I am pleased by the fact that you know that.

  7. Strahinja Reply

    Hello there and thank you for this informative and wonderful article. I really had a lot of information from checking it out. I used to leave my plants unhydrated many times, especially in the summer. I never knew that plants in the summer should be watered early in the morning and late night – when the day is almost over.

    Also, one of the biggest mistakes I made was watering my garden plants around noon in the middle of the summer – when there was like 40C degrees. It was a rookie mistake I never made again.

    Drop irrigation is really great for bigger areas like fields, plantations and such where you really need to make your plants produce.

    Thank you once again.


    • Nkhosingiphile Simelane Reply

      Hello Stahinja, thanks for your comment, i am grateful you know your mistakes and you never made it again. Giving water to plants when it is to hot is like wasting the water because at that moment the soil is very hot so when you water you are cooling the soil to evaporate the water so very fast without the plant benefiting and in that way you have lost water.

  8. Daniel Reply

    I must say that this article is great as I always needed to know how to proper water a plant. In the summer, because of such heat I was thinking that I should water it every morning and evening and I was wrong and she dry off. Your article helped me a lot, thanks for sharing.

    • Nkhosingiphile Simelane Reply

      Hello Daniel, thanks for commenting and i am really grateful that this article really helped you know the best way to give water to your plants.

  9. Mary Reply

    I always wondered why the plants my kids bring home for holidays, in nice decorated pots, die so fast. I guess we don’t know how to water them! Some turn brown and die, some get rotten roots. We need to re consider watering duties.

    A Fun fact: some 6 years ago I was a financial consultant to a company that makes a dripping irrigation systems – Netafim, from Israel. They sell all over the world.

    • Nkhosingiphile Simelane Reply

      Hello Mary, thanks for your comment, You really have to let your kids know about the dangers of watering too often so they will grow healthy plants and prevent root balls rotting

  10. charles39 Reply

    Irrigation is the world we can use regarding the watering the plan.   What. I didn’t know is that plants need  to be given certain amount of water  bit that information you have on that blog is enough to give me the insight of water and just how much does need per dat

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