Pro-Kleen 5 Liters – Simply Spray & Walk Away Concentrate Patio – Fencing – Decking – Mould Algae & Moss Killer (20L Simply Spray)

Product: Pro Kleen 5 Liters

Price: €15:95

Cheapest place to buy: Amazon

Size of Container: 5 L

My Ratings: 9 out of 10

Simply Spray And Walk Away Concentrate patio Product Over view

How does it feel to have your decking and fencing being completely surrounded by algae after all the expenses you faced trying to make everything beautiful? Does it feel appealing to you to see them completely being smeared or full of algae? The reason you bought them is that they were attractive to you and you really loved to have them in your home and all I am concerned about is walking you through every aspect on Pro-Kleen 5 Liters – Simply Spray & Walk Away Concentrate Patio – Fencing – Decking – Mould Algae & Moss Killer (20L Simply Spray) in this product review.

Super Powerful Moss & Algae Remover

This is so amazing to have the simply spray and walk away by pro Kleen, it really is amazing because you really do not need to do other task besides spraying and walking away, it simply takes care of everything doing the job intended for without an extra effort from you.

It really takes care of every moss and algae in where so ever you want to remove moss or algae, it can either be on the roof, tiles, on the decking, walls, fencing, patio and where so ever you want to use it. it is really the best and simple to use.

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Any Skills To Use?

It is really simple to use and it requires no knowledge other than just knowing the simple dilutions between water and the cleaning solution. All that you need to have is either a low pressure sprayer or a watering can to start the job you have to add one liter of simply spray and walk away concentrate in 4 liters of water then you apply it on the surface where you are to remove the moss or algae. For me I normally use the watering can because it requires not much energy other than the pressure sprayer which I will have to pump from time to time however aside from the fact that I am lazy at times to pump it is really the best also to use the pressure sprayer, it can also do the tremendous job.

Can you believe it that this solution helps to prevent the regrowth of mould and algae for a period or as long as 6 months? It is really fantastic. What does this mean to you… with me it is really amazing, I am really pleased by the fact that my fence, patio decking and the roofing really do stay free from mould and algae for a period of this long.


Is It Safe & Environmentally friendly?

The concentrate patio is really the best to use, it really wont bring no harm to the environment, kids or animals it is really fine to use. I am inspired by the fact that it is biodegradable meaning that it can decompose in the soil, that really makes it the best to use because. How is your roofing, fencing, patio and the other places… are they free from mould and mostly after heavy rains. I know that you are totaly not happy with the appearance of them all as they are full of mould and algae.

How Tough The Job Used To Be

I used to be very insistent when it comes to buying the patio and I was so much into using a pressure washer without even willing to try something different, I wasted water using a power washer trying to remove the algae and mould I was not able to remove any of the mould instead I wasted my water and my electricity in a very such difficult times when we have to conserve electricity and water… actually we have to conserve our resources. I used to waste 50 liters of water on my patio alone trying to pressure wash everything, the water I spent $45 to hire a water tanker to my home to fill up my empty tanks in such a terrible and a climatically changing environment. It was really hectic to buy water almost each and every two weeks trying to remove the mould and the algae. I thereafter decided to try and see the simply spray and walk away concentrate patio just to see if the people from the reviews were meaning the real deal when they rated it 5 star.

I bought it and used and I was so much pleased to see results in a matter of 3 to four days on my patio and fencing, everything seamed to be well and beautiful, it was really lovely to see the perfect and lovely enhancing appearance of my tiles being completely clean. It was so painful to calculate the money I used in such a long time using the pressure washer. I spent money amounting to about $300 a year and after having bought and used the simply spray and walk away liquid concentrate patio I was really at peace. My time was saved from doing the same thing with poor results and I am even saving money of up to $180 from what I used to spend.


So Powerful And Highly Effective

I am a biggest fan of the simply spray and walk away concentrate patio. The best results I obtained from it leaves me no option but to always go for it when ever looking for something that will remove mould and algae on all out door and indoor surfaces. It really is safer even to my dogs and kids, no need to restrict them from the treated area after it has dried. It is environmentally friendly and I recommend you to pick your own if you are having surfaces with mould and algae. What works best for you when removing patio on both indoor and outdoor surfaces?

I will very much appreciate your comments or questions on the spaces provided below and I will be more than happy to help you as soon as I possibly can.


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  1. Saint Mathew Reply

    Thanks for sharing this Pro-Kleen algae killer. Just exactly what I needed at the moment. Seems the algae in surroundings are the alpha one because no product seems to work on them. But the way reviewed this Pro-Kleen, I’m already starting to feel like its what I needed all this while. Thanks once again. 

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