Spear and Jackson Pump Action Pressure Sprayer 5 l

Product: The spear and Jackson pump action pressure sprayer

Price: € 19.99

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Size of container: 5L

My ratings: 9 out of 10

The spear and Jackson pump action

pressure sprayer product over view

How does it feel to use the same sprayer when using either insecticides or herbicides? Using the very same sprayer on both herbicides and insecticides is not a good thing to do because you can contaminate either the herbicide or the insecticide which will; end up weakening the effectiveness of either the insecticide or herbicide leading to poor results on your Job. How about having a pair of the spear and Jackson pump action pressure sprayer which you can have for both herbicides and insecticides? It really is interesting to have one for herbicides and the other for insecticides not only to avoid contamination but also to avoid washing chemical from one job to the other and that is exactly what I will be walking you through in this product review.

Avoid contamination

The best thing to do when it comes to using chemicals that are meant to kill plants and those that are meant to spray to get rid of diseases in plants is to have a pair of sprayers. I remember the other time when I used the very same sprayer to apply herbicides in my farm since I washed it from time to time. The other time I was in hospital and there was no one else to spray my flowering plants with an insecticide that disturb my flowering plants. My wife used to see me spraying and she knew that if I were at home I would be applying the insecticide that was lying beneath the table in our bed room. She never consulted me that she is to do the job and she simply used the very same sprayer which I used for every spraying job in my home and added the insecticide after having rinsing it in water and she sprayed the flowering plants. Guess what happened?

All the plants that were sprayed turned yellow in a couple of days and they were showing signs of disturbance, she called me and told me the mystery and I was shocked. I made the weed killer to be very strong the last time I sprayed and it was not well washed when she applied the insecticide. I really cursed my self for being skeptical upon buying a pair of spear and Jackson pump action pressure sprayer. If only I did invest on the spear and Jackson pump action pressure sprayer none of this would have happened because everybody home would have known that the red one is for herbicides and the black one is for herbicides. My being so skeptical was the biggest setback that caused destruction in my plants. I really thought I was saving by using the very same sprayer for both jobs but in the end it really payed of the hard and painful way.

I lost my plants and it was really painful

After that trauma I realized that I should have bought the spear and Jackson pump action pressure sprayer and I did. Now it is easier to do every task that has gone to do with either applying herbicides or insecticide I simply take the red one for herbicides and I do not need to be stressed to was from time to time and when applying the insecticide the black one is always there for me. It is really nice because now everybody knows that there is one for herbicides and one for insecticides so I am not at all stressed now since I even labeled them.

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Transculant Container

Have you ever used the faithful sprayer which is not as easy to see the gauge of water easily as seeing it with the

spear and Jackson pump action pressure sprayer. The bottle is transculant to help you to be accurate when diluting either pesticides with water to have the accurate recommended mixture for an effective application. It is the best because unlike other sprayers like the faithful sprayer which you can not easily see water. It really is my best because I am able to be accurate with the mixing in the bottle.

How to use it

The spear and Jackson pump action pressure sprayer is so simple to use with a handle so closely attached to both the transculant bottle and to open the lid when in use you simply twist it anticlockwise and it opens out with the pumping handle. On one side of the bottle you will have to pull and release air on the sprayer from time to time, without having released pressure when in use the pump may leak and lose pressure. So make sure you use it the safe and easy way for it to last.

After having filled the water to the bottle you will simply have to lift it using the pumping handle, before lifting you have to press it down and twist to lock then you can lift to walk with it. It is not heavy, it is just light and convenient to use. To begin the job you will have to use the shoulder straps to help you. Just hang it on your shoulders and have one of your hands to press control the lance. You do not need to be stressed with the handle because it has a lock feature so you do not need to press the trigger always when spraying. You just press and lock the trigger than all you have to do is to control the trigger while pumping on the other side. Do you need to have skills to assembly this… you definitely do not need to, it is as simple as connecting the lance to the pump and no complications.

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Cleaning Is A minute

When cleaning the spear and Jackson pump action pressure sprayer you simply do not need to have something expensive, just a soap and water will do, and you can even use water alone without having used the soap. Just half fill it with water and shake for several times then spray out the chemical on the nozzle until water comes out. Do this for at least three times changing the water


  • Very accurate to deliver water or pesticide
  • Pump handle is robust


  • No spares or ring washers are provided
  • Can lose pressure when used in the sun for long


I am the biggest fan of the spear and Jackson pump action pressure sprayer, It does a tremendous job for a lot of people in my home area and not only are they using it for spraying herbicides but it is also used by some for spraying and washing motor cars. One thing for sure a lot of people like the spear and Jackson pump action pressure sprayer is because it is light and can even be used in edges easily unlike the 15 liter knapsack sprayer which is heavy to lift and use. It really is one of a kind and if you need this you can get it at the best price here at Amazon. Walking you through every aspect of the spear and Jackson pump action pressure sprayer has been a great pleasure and please if you have any question on the product do not hesitate to shoot me with a comment or a question on the space below and I will be more than happy to help you as soon as I can.

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