Spear & Jackson 4930FZ/03 Telescopic Tree Pruner

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Length: 8 Feet


My Raring: 9.5 out of 10


Spear & Jackson Product Overview

How tall are your plants and what do you use to prune those that have grown to tall for you to reach with pruning shears, are you climbing the tree to prune with the hand shears risking your self to danger of slipping and falling? You do not need to expose your self to danger because the spear and Jackson 4930FZ/03 is all that you need to prune different sizes of shoots as it comes with an attachment for pruning larger shoots as well so today I will be more than happy to walk you through every aspect on how this tool can be helpful to you in this product review.

Worth the Purchase

It has recently been a tough journey when I remember the tough times when I had to climb the tree with my pruning hand shears to do the pruning job on my plants. Do you know what it is that left me with my left hand broke? It is so hectic to mention that it was after having climbed and got to the top of my tree with my felco on my palm. I slipped through and lost balance and only to find that I was lying on the ground with my left hand broken.

As I was lying there I was having flash backs of the spear and Jackson 4930FZ/03 I used to see in the magazine, the very same tool I felt like I would not need them as I was having my felcos to do every task. I was really skeptical of the price that’s why I did not make a purchase but after having felt the pain spending a couple of hundreds of dollars on both traveling and medical expenses for my broken hand I realized I was wrong about the price, actually I was really wrong to think that it was expensive to afford.

It really got me to realize that the spear and Jackson 4930FZ/03 is really worth it and in a couple of weeks as I was recovering there were more plants that needed to be pruned as it was the end of winter to encourage and promote new growth to my plants. That was when I purchased the spear and Jackson 4930FZ/03 and as I was recovering my wife with my son did a great job pruning my plants. I was really pleased to see the tremendous job they did while in recovery, I got to realize that this is all I ever needed to have every family members contributing in farm pruning and finishing a job that took me a week and they did everything in a matter of three hours. They truly would not have done this with the pruning shears.

How To Use

The handle has got a variable length of 8 feet so if you are six feet tall that will mean your extended hand will be an addition to the length of the handle. To cut you simply place the blade on the branch you are to cut then you pull the string to push the blade through the branch as long as you can reach the branch with the tool. As you are working you will have to change to a saw attachment to prune bigger branches. As you are cutting you will have to use the hook to pull cut branches from falling to the wrong place which may cause destruction to some plants.

As you are using this tool you have to be aware of the string that can can won off as you are working and to fix this do not hesitate to go straight to the hard ware and replace it. At times, you may find that there are even taller branches which you can reach for by using a step ladder and please do make sure that the larder is in full support, you just have to have another person to support and give balance as you are cutting. Just like I have just mentioned that you will not use the same blade for every branch so you will have to change from time to replace with the appropriate one and it is easy to do that. There is a wing nut which you can unscrew when replacing and tightening the blade.


It is true that the spear and Jackson 4930FZ/03 is made of SK 5 carbon steel which stays sharp for long but with time as it work it gets blunt too and it needs sharpening. All you need is a three triangular file to sharpen the edges and you will need a saw joiner to hold the mill file and the saw set to set the teeth or just buy a new blade attachment.


I am now always using the spear and Jackson 4930FZ/03 and it is working fine for me when compered to other pruning shears like the felcos which needs me to be at close range with my pruning at all times and with the spear and Jackson 4930FZ/03 everything is simple and I am even seeing a neighbor who is as old as 72 years old using it without a problem and it is working perfectly fine not only for him but a lot of people in my place have seen this too to be useful and simplifying the pruning process.

It really does the perfect job and if you need the best and easy way to prune in your farm or home I would recommend you to have your own and experience the tremendous growth of shoots after pruning with the spear and Jackson 4930FZ/03 Amazon is having the best price for you. What is your pruning experience, what did work well for you when it comes to pruning tall plants? It really has been awesome to walk with you up until the end of this review and I hope you got the best information on how to prune your tall plants and what tool will do it best. I will be more than happy to read and reply to your question on the space below. Thanks for your time… Cheers.

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