What Is The Importance Of Plants To Humans And Animals – Tremendous Diversity

What is your feeling when you are around plants, do you love them or have you ever thought that your life would be tougher without plants? yes not only human beings depend on plants but even animals do depend a lot on plants but when there is something that surprises me a lot is the fact that for some people it is really easy to cut a tree in a matter of some seconds, I mean the tree that took decades to grow and probably a hundred years. Do they really think about our heritage, the nature that rely on those plants oh yes a lot of things are suffering because of one mans actions and right now I am here to share with you this information on what is the importance of plants to humans and animals.

The Tremendous Diversity – Nature Is lovely

Have you ever been to a nature reserve where things are still the way they should be, I mean where nature has not been distracted by human acts or practices? If you have never been there it is still fine but I know there is nature even in your area and I am sure you know what I am talking about. How does it feel to see the different sized plants that grows between each other with those small little creatures and animals that feed on them? Nature is indeed lovely.

What were your observations there? I am sure you did notice that there were both different plants and animals, some are dangerous to human life and some are friendly to humans and that is the tremendous diversity of nature. We as humans have to know that the fact that we are not living in the bush with the plants and animals does not necessarily mean we do not need them.

Different Plant For Health Purposes

I know that you are aware that if it wasn’t for the presence of plants you would not be having livestock feed because animals do not only feed on grass but they also need plants.

However, plants are not only for food but they really play a great role when it comes to our health, yes some people really do make good medicines that heal human life with either leaves, bark, or a root of a plant. And even the animals themselves when they are in the bush they really do feed on some plants and that does not necessarily mean they are hungry but they feed to heal themselves.

Do you realize how humans, plants and animals need each other, yes we really do need each other and when there is something that hurts the most is the fact that people are simply destroying everything because of their practices. Sometimes people they kill bushes and clear everything in preparation for building their structures and without even caring if there are indigenous plants they can leave behind to try to have at least few indigenous plants even in every home.

People just care about buying new plants from the nursery, plants that they can not even benefit from them and all they care about is to enhance their homes. Its really great to make your home lovely with other plants but you must also know that some plants really play a great role in human health even though in our times people use medicines from the hospital but can I ask you a question? Do you know that all those medicines and the tablets that you are buying from the chemist and clinics or hospitals are made from plants?

The lives of humans and that of animals really depend the most on plants, without plants our lives could really be hard, just imagine the life of a human being you have seen on TV in a desert. How does it feel for him to be there, how is he coping on a desert with nothing but dust and probably one tree after having a mile, what is his physical state? I know you are feeling the emotions, and you know it how it is like to walk on the sun with no tree to have shade on.

Plants – Shelter For Animals, Humans & Water Resources

Have you ever thought of plants like rusp berry to be at high volume mostly in the river bank? Yes some plants they are the biggest symbol of water, they do not just grow in any place but they grow in places where there are water resources and mostly on water sources. Some males mostly the young cut the plants near water sources and river banks without knowing the fact that the plants are there for a purpose. Yes plants are there to provide shelter, preventing direct sun rays heating the water which could lead to excessive evaporation and that can finally lead to rivers running dry.

Plants are really there for a purpose and you do not need to cut them because their absence could lead to a lot of confusion even on the whole life of the aquatic life. I have recently seen a house built in between a dense forest of trees and I was so much pleased by the cool interior with no air conditioners inside and that is when I got the answer that not only can animals benefit from trees but a lot of things can benefit from the shade.

Plants Our Greatest Source OF Food

Who doesn’t love to eat the greens? Yes plants are indeed our greatest source of food, not only do we get fruits from them but we also eat them as salad sometimes and probably to cook them like the vegetables we eat, Now I know you see the importance of plants in your life. Not only do we benefit but the animals also benefit from them, they are really the best as they come in different colors and different uses to the body.


How is your behavior with plants, are you that kind of person who find it simple to just kill plants? After having shared with you this information on plants and animals I hope you will change your attitude towards nature. Nature is beautiful and without nature the earth would be a terrible place to be as we both humans and animals really benefit from them. It has really been a pleasure walking you this far and I hope you have leaned something on the importance of plants to both plants and humans, If you are having a question or a comment, please use the space below and I will be more than happy to get back to you as soon as I possibly can.

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