Why Do Plants Die – Top Reasons For Plant Growth Failure

Have you been buying beautiful and lovely plants in your nursery to plant in your home or farm only to find that after having plant them they show signs of being stressed and die? Yes plants do get stressed and that can be seen in as they grow. Are you in need of good information on what kills your plants in your land yet they were healthy and happy in the nursery? I am all here for you to walk you through every aspect that will lead to the death of a plant, let us get rolling on why go plants die.

Climate issues

Have you been wondering to a point where you thought you are not good at growing plants after seeing them die? Climate is one thing for sure that could result to plants to die, there are plants that are favorable for tropical climates and there are those that can do best in frost and not in tropical climates. Sometimes it may happen that plants that do best in tropical climates grow well in areas that have frost but when it comes to bearing fruits is a big challenge, even if the fruits could be there they become of smaller size and they do not get ripe but they become too hard.


Some plants do grow well when exposed to the sun yet some do not do well and all you need to know is that plants have different features that make them to survive in harsh conditions. For example plants like aloe have a thicker leaf so even when exposed to harsh climatic conditions it will still survive and unlike plants like water melons which will show in the first two days of very hot temperatures that there is water leakage and may will , turn yellow and die id there is no water given to them at that moment.

Plant on a container

For plants to grow well the roots has to be free to move and penetrate. Plants that are grown in containers will need to be transplanted to another planting bag or straight to the ground to give the tap root room to penetrate and search for nutrients, the more the roots grows is the more the plant will grow. All you have to do is to make sure that your plant is still OK to grow on the pots. How can you know it is still OK on Pots? All you need to check is to watch out for the roots on the base of the container where water exit after watering, when you see the tap root or the network of roots on the water exit holes that is when you will know that it is time for transplanting your plants to another medium.

Leaving them on the pots for a long time will result to under growth and it may also have a negative effect on the roots of the plant. You also need to make sure that the plants on the planting bags are not on the sun. Leaving it on the sun will expose the roots to direct heat from/m sun rays when heating the planting bag, the roots will suddenly dry out and die.

Environmental issues

How is the texture of your soil, is it sandy, loam or clay soil? Most plants do best in sandy and loam soil but very little of them can strive in clay soils so all you need to know is to monitor and know very well the state of your soil and do your best to try to make sure your plants will grow at their best. This is what you need to do

Soil Test

How can you grow a plant on the soil that I am not sure of if it is having the necessary nutrients for that particular plant you want to grow? It all starts with doing soil tests and making sure you have taken the soil samples the right way then after that you just have to submit to the laboratory for analysis and in a couple of weeds the results will come back giving you exactly the state of your soil. At this time you will know if the soil is best for growing Avocados if you want to grow avocados and if you want to grow macadamia you will know if it is favorable for the growth of macadamia and if there soil is acidic you will have to add dolomatic lime to neutralize the soil PH. All that matters is to make sure the soil is OK for that particular plant to grow otherwise you will waste your money and but plants that will die and always to criticize your self for not being a good planter.


When there is another important thing to do is to improve the drainage system of the soil, You can do this by digging a hole where you are to plant and add organic matter so it will decay as time goes by .Plants are just like human beings they also breath just like we do so by adding organic matter you are creating a suitable and loose environment for the roots to penetrate easily and by so doing you are creating air spaces on the soil for oxygen to penetrate on the roots. Plants that have a poor drainage system are having a weak root system. Plants need to strive for water for them to be healthy, plants that have a poor drainage system are prone to the roots being exposed to fungal rots and diseases ans that is one thing for sure which will waken the plant and result to death. Do make sure to add peat moss or organic matter before planting.

Insect attack

It can not always be the case where you will find that the plants die because of poor soil PH or drainage but it can happen that the soil is best for planting and the only problem is that of insect attack like termites that eats and corrode the root underneath the soil and with time you will notice the plant turning yellow and suddenly to die and when pulling it out by the stem that is when you will see the root being corroded and you will do see the termites. It is very important to know if your plants will be safe from such insects. The first thing you will need to do is to consult your extension officer to find out more on how and which chemicals you can use to kill the termites on your farm then after having treated you can plant with a pure heart knowing very well that your plants are safe from the insect attacks.

Root ball Care

Did you know that digging a hole for some plants will work and for some it won’t work? Have you ever been traveling to nurseries where there are citrus plants, Litchi, plant on ridges? Yes they do that for a reason, the root ball needs to be up high and not to be sunk on the ground for the roots to be healthy. For some plants like bananas it is not a problem to sink them on the ground they normally do well even that way. Just look at those citrus plants on the image and you will notice that they  are grown up high on ridges.


How do you water your plants, do you water them every day and think by so doing you love them? That is completely wrong, you really need to give your plants a chance to strive for a healthy root ball and root system. You can give a 20L of water per weak to each plant and not to over water them.


If you are to do well when planting you have to make sure that you have done all the above mentioned things. If it does happen that a plant does not do well in your area it does not mean you are a bad planter but that may simply mean that your area is not favorable for the growth of that particular plant and all you need to do is to go and try other plants. What Are your planting experiences, have you tried this method to have healthy plants, and if not which method work best for you? It has been a great pleasure to walk you through all this tips and I hope it has helped you to have the best information on planting. I really would love to have your questions or comments below and I will be more than happy to reply as soon as possible.

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